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Wendy Shacklock Architects

Come and meet me and let’s talk about your project. You will have ideas and maybe images of your dream and we can see if we have a fit. I would visit your site and analyze the site information and assess the project parameters with you. This may involve preliminary investigations with the local authority and other professionals.


Having engaged our professional services I will help you develop the brief and design concepts can begin. This will be based on further site analysis and more getting to know you. The concept design is taken to a further level of detail. It is fine tuned to incorporate the directions established and agreed from the concept design. The scheme is rationalised and more accuracy is incorporated. Issues such as structure and constructability are included in the design. This stage will include further consultation with the Council. We would evaluate selection of materials and confirm preferred procurement methods. I would identify the need for Separate Consultants. Preliminary design drawings will be CAD drawings of floor plans, elevations and basic cross sections and a 3D model. At the completion of this stage a further cost check is undertaken to confirm approximate likely building costs.


We always work to avoid designs that are outside of the permitted rules; however any coastal work for example, must obtain a Resource Consent. For a RC application we would prepare plans, elevations and site plan and then a planning report would be completed by a Planning consultant. You may also need to engage other specialists for council such as geotech engineers, arborists, heritage and Iwi consultants. We try to make this application as early as possible in a project to give you surety. The design will be refined to the stage from which detailed design drawings, consent application documents, and contract documents can be prepared. I will prepare interior and exterior views of kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces & other joinery features and prepare preliminary schedules of materials/finishes/components. We would co-ordinate and integrate the input of engineers, and quantity surveyor. At this stage we will summarise elements where no options for further change exist and summarise elements where final choices must be made promptly.


Once you are happy with the scheme the design is “frozen” and is then translated into working drawings and specifications for the purposes of the Building Consent application.
The Building Consent drawings do not require some of the detailed information that the construction drawings will need. This stage also includes co-ordinating the other consultants’ documentation. Plans, elevations, sections and details will be provided for the main body of the work. These will describe materials, finishes and construction details. This stage will include consultation with Council / Building Consent Authorities, complete co- ordination of Separate Consultants detailed documentation. I will prepare detailed documentation based on approved developed design in sufficient detail to enable an application for Building Consent to be lodged. A Quantity Surveyor will re-confirm the project cost estimate and time-line. I will identify and agree preferred procurement method. A specification will be provided, scheduling materials, scope of work, workmanship and finishes.


The drawings (as detailed in stage 5) are expanded to include any fittings (cabinetry etc) and fixtures, electrical and lighting layouts, finishes schedules, window schedules, and additional construction detailing. At the completion of this stage you would receive a full set of the drawings and architectural specifications along with copies of the other consultants’ drawings sufficient for Procurement and Construction.


This stage includes preparing procurement documents including conditions of contract. I will consult with your legal advisors and identify and agree project insurance requirements. I would prepare contract documents for signing, notify the contractor and yourselves of Consent conditions and obtain builder’s projected cash-flow.


This stage includes making site visits and maintaining contact with yourself and the builder. I review and comment on samples of each work procedure proposed. It includes checking selected materials and components supplied to the site for compliance with the contract documents. I review representative samples of each critical work component prior to closing- in/finishing. I will review shop drawings and commissioning of specialist services.(The engineer will review steel shop drawings.) I assess and confirm that finished works meet quality standards and comply with the design intent as documented and assess defects and issue Defects Notices as required. will also handle any queries and clarifications regarding the construction or the contract. Some clarifications will be required as it is not possible to document every issue in stages 5 & 6. Any alterations or variations to the contract will be documented and any changes in the contract sum checked. (The contractor’s progress claims can be checked and payments are authorised, less a retention throughout the course of the contract, by the quantity surveyor.)Note we do not supervise the works. Supervision implies a much greater role than we provide and is done by the Contractor. We are happy to be included in a major or minor way. We will discuss this in due course.


Our team is able to provide help with all aspects of the project to bring it to fruition.


Our fees are based on the New Zealand Institute of Architects Guide to Architects Charges.  As no two projects are the same our fees are tailored to suit the scale, complexity and specific requirements of your project.  We are happy to meet with you to establish the scope of your project and discuss the services we provide.