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M Y    I N S P I R A T I O N   &   P H I L O S O P H Y

Theatre & Craft, Beauty & Style
My spaces are designed to reframe your world; they should inspire you to pause & enjoy the moment as in a work of art. They should make you stop and rejoice every day because as the light changes, as you use and enjoy them, as they enhance your interactions with others, they become more and more precious to you. And life becomes better and richer as you nuture your world, craft and care for it. Theatre: flexible spaces for variety of occasions; places that can swell for larger groups and relax empty. Crafted objects in the landscape. My aim is to heighten your engagement with the land. To reveal surprises. I’m a Heart & Soul kind of person, everything I do is 100%

I aim to be the creative interface between you and your site, providing a coherent solution that is both unique and specific.  Fundamental to the process is rapport.  I will listen to you, learn from you and apply a cross-disciplined approach in achieving the agreed objectives.  At the same time I believe I have failed if I have not challenged you and extended you beyond your
vision.My practice works in the residential field throughout New Zealand particularly in Auckland and Waiheke, with a special interest in the Queenstown Lakes District.  This includes new build and alteration work.  Auckland city commercial fitouts and multiple dental and medical practice fitouts have also been an enjoyable component of my 30 year career.

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Wendy Shacklock Architects



We will only take on projects which we believe can achieve a good outcome that we are all proud of.



We will get to know each other because I want to tell your story.



The practice has grown primarily through repeat custom and personal referrals.



We will always do our best to achieve over and above your expectations.