Meadowbank House Addition - Small Project
Meadowbank House is a restrained exercise in economical planning but with a creative client results in delightful spaces and very comfortable living for a young family.

This house was in very original condition, sound and with attractive timber windows, but the kitchen and dining were very tight and they were short of a bedroom. Open-plan family living was required with good outdoor access and ease of living for two tiny children. It should also provide a sound investment for selling in a few years time. After studying the existing house and land it became apparent that the original house could be reassigned functionally with almost no alteration and the money used to build one new room for kitchen, dining and living. It was most economical to mimic the simple hipped truss form and join the two buildings with a simple flat link creating an entry porch and lobby.‍

Maintaining a continuous floor level throughout gives ease of living with toddlers and has allowed connection on the expansive deck between new living and converted playroom. The elevation enhances the sun capture and allows semi-rural vistas across the valley. The conversion of the old living to the main bedroom allowed the introduction of an ensuite and dressing space in the original study annex. The result with their cool furniture and collectibles is a lovely spacious relaxed home.‍

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